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AUDIOBOOK: Here’s the one audiobook that needs to be listened to by ANYONE even remotely interested in how our breath can be used to heal physical, emotional and spiritual issues. It is called Breathing: The Master Key to Self Healing and was written by Dr. Andrew Weil (a medical doctor). You can get theĀ Audiobook version for $10 from Amazon. This is a 2 hour encyclopedic overview of how our breathing system works (it is the ONLY bodily system that can be operated fully voluntarily or completely involuntarily), and how it can be used to heal such things as STRESS, high blood pressure, anxiety, irregular heart beat etc etc. Observing our breath can open the door to our spiritual growth and a number deep philosophical conceptsĀ are presented for our enlightenment. Dr. Weil shows how our breath can be used to modify our involuntary nervous system and is the only thing that can do it. A number of breath techniques are described and some of them will blow your mind with how simple and yet how deeply transformative they can be. Any breath worker or healer will be VERY HAPPY that they took the time to review this audiobook. I found out why my hands have seemed cold in warm rooms, what the physiological conditions are that cause this phenomenon and how to cure it with a simple breath practice. This is pure gold! And his voice is very easy to listen to. I will listen to this material again and again.


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BOOK: The Presence Process by Michael Brown (2nd edition). I highly recommend this book as a resource for using the breath to connect with Presence. It is a 10 week self facilitated process that takes you on a journey through releasing anything which stands in your way to present moment awareness. I have gone through the process twice and can say beyond a doubt that this book has given me tools that I continue to employ to connect deeper with presence and process that “stuff” which comes up during breathing sessions.


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BOOK: Breathe Deeply Laugh Loudly by Judith Kravitz is chock full of useful insights into the study of breathwork and I highly recommend it. I started re-reading it a month ago in preparation for facilitating my first public breathwork event and I was blown away with all the great information contained within. I attended MANY workshops based on her breath style called Transformational Breath and gained much from that endeavor.