About Me

So, who is the person who is responsible for this web site?


My name is Eric Rehnke. I have been seriously into breathing since January 19, 2014. You can read about my introduction to breathwork here.

Since the early 70’s, my mantra was “I’d rather Be Here Now”. It was inspired by the book entitled “Be Here Now” by Ram Dass.

However, it wasn’t until I started studying and practicing breath work in January of 2014 that I felt that the way to a deep awareness of the present moment was something that was connected to my breath.

My journey led me to become acquainted with a book entitled “The Presence Process”. You can access his web site here.

The author of that book, Michael Brown, discusses how “Consciously connected breathing is the heart of The Presence Process because it’s our primary tool for accessing experiential awareness of Presence and accumulating present moment awareness”. (pg 74 in the 2nd edition)

One of the things Michael says is “It’s not at all about feeling better, but it IS about being better at feeling” (I love that idea)

He goes on to recommend a 15 minute minimum breath practice twice a day (early morning and late evening, if possible) and HIGHLY recommends our consistency in doing the practice.

His first breathing recommendation consisted of breathing through the nose using an energetic inhale and a very relaxed exhale with no unnecessary gaps between our breaths.

He also recommends a sort of mantra to assist us in this process.  “I AM HERE NOW IN THIS” is the mantra and each word is mentally repeated with each inhale and exhale. So, the first inhale we mentally say “I” followed by “AM” during the exhale, “HERE” for the next inhale and so on until three full breaths are completed. And then we start over on the next inhale with “I” and repeat.

You can listen to a sample of his breathing style here.

At some point in his journey, Michael became aware of a different breathing process called Transformational Breathing and started to recommend that style of breath which is done through the mouth instead of the nose. Michael created a YouTube video explaining how he became familiar with Transformational Breath and why he fully supports it.

I HIGHLY recommend you read his book The Presence Process (2nd edition) by Michael Brown since his 10 week process and all the descriptions of the process are invaluable if your intention is to connect to Presence. I have been through this process twice so far.

However, you can start this daily breathing practice on your own and begin to connect to Presence.

I do have to say that you might find that emotional energy comes up in your breathing practice since you are now opening that door into the unconscious and all the experiences may not all be blissful.

If emotions come up you can release them (laugh, cry, yell, pound the floor etc) and then get back to the breath as soon as possible.

For this reason, I recommend that you find a local breath facilitator that you feel comfortable with to help you start on this journey and provide a safe and sacred space to practice in.  Here’s a list of the breath facilitators I am familiar with.

This picture was taken by a friend in Joshua Tree, CA on June 22, 2014 where about 29 of us completed Healer Training 4 facilitated by David Elliot and were certified to facilitate breath sessions.

Since then I have also completed the Clarity Breathwork training (Levels 1 to 4) which is a descendant of rebirthing that allows us to go very deep and heal the trauma that we experienced during the birthing process and throughout our lives.

I just completed the Level 1 course for Integrated Breath Therapy and really enjoyed the insights I got at several of the sessions.

I have attended a large number of weekend workshops and breath circles that were done by Transformational Breath facilitators and am taking the facilitator training in that brand of breathwork. I have also experienced Holotropic breathwork which has influenced my own particular style of breath that I practice and facilitate.

My current studies are centered around breathwork and how it applies to trauma (PTSD) remediation. There are plenty of materials (books, videos, online classes) for me to absorb.

I have also studied a number of other healing modalities that are relevant to my function as a healing facilitator. Some of my other studies include: Deeksha Blessing Giver in two lineages (Sai Maa lineage and Oneness University lineage), Reiki, Reflexology, Acupressure, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) (Master Practitioner Level),  Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Level 2. I have also studied Ho’oponopono and use it quite regularly. And I recently became a Heartmath Add Heart Facilitator.

Since I am a Vietnam veteran, I have an affinity for our brothers and sisters who also served in that way.

My professional work included computer software/hardware design, professional writing and editing as well as photography. Also did some welding and metalwork years ago and designed and built a couple of motorcycles.

I have facilitated a weekly breathwork class at Gilbert Yoga (Gilbert, AZ) for about a year and a half and a class in Scottsdale for over a year. I just terminated my weekly classes since I am traveling more lately. I have some workshops coming up and you  can consult the Events calendar for details.

My email address is Eric.Rehnke@gmail.com. Feel free to reach out with any questions!

I have been doing some further research for a talk on breathwork for a group in this area and came across something you might find interesting.

The origin of the word “SPIRITUAL” is the Latin word “SPIRITUS” which means “BREATH”!

Other words with this common root include INSPIRE, ASPIRE and to CONSPIRE which means to breathe together.

Pretty awesome, eh?